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International BellyDance Festival in Granada


We are delighted to present the IX International Oriental Dance Festival of Granada. This year we are inviting you to join us on the 4th and 5th of March 2017. In this edition, we will have, the magnificent Ukrainian dancer Alex DeLora teaching drum solo and body technique workshops (there will be a Russian / Spanish translator), Naima Nez teaching Oriental Romantic, Irene Aivar with a Bollywood with Candles workshop, Nureen teaching Oriental Tango and Helena Rull Oriental Fantasy with Veil. In addition we will have a professional solo and group competition with an amazing jury and innovative prizes, an Oriental Bazaar with Rakisat and stands with everything you may need for dancing (in the Center of Granada so you can also enjoy its tapas and monuments), raffles and the International Gala with guest artists.



  • Saturday  4th of   March.


-10 h-12h: HELENA RULL  ,  Choreography with veil.

-12: 15h-14: 15h: ALEX DELORA,   Body mechanics and muscles control for  to develop technique skills with dance combinations.


-15h-17h. IRENE AIVAR Bollywood choreography  with candels.


18: 30h-19: 30h. Belly Dance Competition . Theater:  Municipal Theater of Zaidín.  Calle Pintor Manuel Maldonado, 0, 18007 Granada


9:30 p.m. INTERNATIONAL GALA. Theater  Municipal of Zaidín



  • Sunday, 5 of March




-10h-12h  ALEX DELORA:   Drum solo / tabla solo choreography and rules of communication with audience (new choreography)


- 12: 15h-14: 15 NAIMA NEZ:  Romantic Oriental

-15: 15h-17: 15  NUREEN: Oriental Tango, choreographym, rithms ...




1 Alex DeLora Workshop: € 35

Naima Nez Workshop: € 35

Helena Rull Workshop: € 25

Nureen Workshop: € 25

Irene Aivar Workshop: € 25

ticket to the Festival: € 12  ,  € 15 in theater

Inscription  competition:

-Inscription for professional only: € 20

-Inscription per group, € 10 / person.



-  Full Pack: € 100: It includes all workshops and ticket to competition and Gala


- Potion 2:  Full Pack: € 100: Includes all workshops and book to competition, without tickets to Gala.

-All Workshops Saturdaly:  € 60

-All  Sunday workshops: € 70

-Further information:

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