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Oriental Dance Contest


   We present the Oriental Dance Contest of the IX  Oriental Dance Festival in Granada.

In an event created to promote Oriental Dance in which Oriental dancers have the opportunity to show their style in front of  International dancers. Among the public will be all the teachers of the Festival:  Jury: Alex DeLora and Naima Nez.


  There are two categories (it is not oriented to amateur or initial contestants):

-Solo dancers-professional category

-Group. Two or more contestants.


Competition Rules:

-The contest will evaluate Oriental Dance. Oriental dance which includes all  Arab folklores. The use of elements related to folklores and those used for Oriental Dance such as the veil, double veil, Isis wings ... will also be accepted.

-The Musicality , Technique , expression and adaptation of the theme to the dance performed will be evaluated.

-The music must be sent in MP3 format and must have a duration of no more than 4 minutes.

-There is no age limit



Limit: Before 20  February  of 2017.

-Participant in the solo dancer contest: € 20. 

-Participants of the Group Contest: € 10 each.

The registration becomes effective once the payment has been made.

-Entrance to the Contest: € 5. Entries to the contest are very limited, please ensure your place in advance.



 Soloist Category:

- First prize :  License plate. Professional costume in charge of Dancing at the international gala on Saturday. A free workshop at the Festival  or a 20% discount on the full pack of the  Oriental Meeting Sitges (ODM Sitges) in Barcelona.

A full pack and dance at the GIjón International Oriental Dance Festival.

A full pack of workshops at the Nayruz Festival in Fuengirola

  - Second prize : Plaque.  A free workshop or a 15% discount on  the full pack of  Oriental Meeting Sitges (ODM Sitges) in Barcelona. A Full pack at the Oriental Dance Festival, Weekend, Lisbon, Portugal. Three workshops to choose from at the Aywa Festival  Salamanca.

  - Third prize :  License plate. gift basket in charge of the Rakisat Store. 10%  in the full pack of  Oriental Meeting Sitges (ODM Sitges) in Barcelona


  Group Category:

- First prize:  Plaque, Dance tunic for each of the members of the group in charge of Dance at the Gala and a free workshop for each of the components of the International Oriental Dance Festival in Gijón. 

- Second prize:  License plate. Free workshop for each of the components in the International Oriental Dance Festival of 2018

- Third prize:  License plate  and 40% discount on the full pack of the Oriental Dance Festival, weekeng, Lisbon, Portugal.



Municipal Theater of Zaidín.  C / Pintor Manuel Maldonado s / n (Centro Cívico Zaidín). grenade





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