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Helena Rull, begins its journey when the Oriental Dance was not so well known in Andalusia, its effort and constant work for 22 years has paid off, currently choreographer and teacher from Granada Oriental Dances that has managed to cross borders.

   Since 1999, she works dedicated to Oriental Dance, being one of the pioneers in this art in Andalusia, becoming a teacher of teachers.

   She was a student of Teresa Niembro, one of the first dancers in the panorama of oriental dance in Spain, later took classes with great artists outside Spain.

   His concern for specialized training in Oriental Dance, decides to study and specialize in this art to train future teachers in Granada.

   He travels to deepen the folklore of the different Arab countries and their culture (Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco), and other countries such as India where he has participated as a guest dancer in the Oriental Dance tour with the Ad Dunnia company. She has worked as a teacher at Festivals of great international recognition such as Amani, s Oriental Festival in Beirut, Lebanon, at the Dahab Festival, and other International Festivals of Oriental Dance such as Mare Nostrum on the Costa del Sol (Frigiliana), Sevilla Oriental, Huelva Oriental ...

   She is currently vice president of the Granada Association of Oriental Dance and directs the only Specialized School of Oriental Dance in Granada, and organizes the Oriental Dance Festivals in Granada: Garnata I- V. Solidary Festivals: Tadamun I, II, III and IV for Solidarios for Development In addition to the International Festivals with the most important dancers worldwide such as Sadie (USA), Aziza (Canada), Bozenka (USA) Oscar Flores (Argenita), Mohamed ElSayed (Egypt), Alex Delora (Ukraine) ...


Helena Rull has been a teacher, choreographer and dancer for Oriental Dance for 20 years. He began his career in Granada when this dance was not known. One of the pioneers of which many teachers have been trained in Andalusia.

His professional career is characterized by dance technique and his deep knowledge of the culture where Oriental Dance and its folklore are developed. The passion and knowledge of it. As well as the transmission of feeling in dance.

Career path 

The first contact with an Arab country would be with the young age of 4, spending the summers in Tangier, where his parents enjoyed the holidays.

 With just 18 years he combined his Social Work careers and later the second cycle of Social and Cultural Anthropology, with the restlessness of learning Arabic culture and language, and, of course, oriental dance. He studied Arabic at the Higher Institute of Tourism in Tangier-Morocco (1998), at the University of Languages ​​of Amman (Jordan) (1999), Bourguiba School (Tunisia) (2000), and in subsequent years the Lebanese dialect in Lebanon, He continued his studies in other centers of the Arabic language such as the "Center for Modern Languages" in Granada.

In those early adolescent years, the "Dúo Saïda" (formed in 1996) debuted as principal dancers inaugurating the Grenadian premises in this art: Hamman Arab Baths of Granada (5 years), Om Kalthoum, "Persian Empire" (8 years) and Ricks Coffee.

She opens his own School: "Helena Rull", and runs his own Oriental Dance company with great Andalusian teachers, this Oriental Dance company is the only one in his city that has crossed national barriers collaborating with other prestigious companies such as Ad Dunia in India, and have been invited to International Festivals such as the "Dahab Festival" in 2009. Amani Festival in Lebanon in 2011.

-Solidarity Shows (Tadamun for the NGO Solidarios para el Desarrollo):

. It is worth noting the solidarity shows Tadamun 1 (2005), Tadamun 2 (2006), Tadamun 3 (2007) and Tadamun 4 (2008), Tadamun 5 (2009), Tadamun 6 (2012) for the benefit of the NGO "Solidarios para el Desarrollo ".

Also in March 2012 he participates in the Solidarity Festival of the Multiple Sclerosis Association of Armilla, Granada, held at the Caja Rural de Granada. As well as the project in October 2012 at, a project of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation.

-Helena Organizer:

During these years she has carried out countless workshops and shows in Andalusia. In June 2007 and 2010 she was invited to the Oriental Dance Festival in Porto, Portugal, by the dancer Vania Cezario, with great success. And later until 2015 every year

   Helena organizes the Garnata Oriental Dance Festival with guest dancers such as Aziza, Mohamed El Sayed, Munique Neith ... And the International Festival of Oriental Dance since 2007. A pioneer Festival with the greatest embergadura in Granada that attracts more than 200 students and teachers from all over Spain.

-Training:   After its beginnings he has taken classes with greats such as Ehab Atia, Adnan Sahran, Mistri, Sadie, Bozenka, Soraia Zaied, Orit, Randa Kamel, Tito seif, Hossam Ramzy, Mohamed Shahin ... And shared the stage with great dancers like Ashraf Hassan, Leila Sahar, Aziza, Ehab Atia, Munique Neith, Bozenka, Mistri, Sadie, Mohamed Al Sayed, Oscar Flores ..... Currently Helena Rull is constantly recycled in the formation of Oriental Dance. Every year he travels several times to Cairo where he receives classes with the best dancers on the international scene: Dina, Camelia of Cairo, Soraya Al Sayed

Already seated in Granada, he participated with several media outlets; and various performances on regional televisions: Telenieve, C 21, Localia, Teleideal (Image of the advertising spot of the Arab Baths of Granada), Canal Sur (“Direct Andalusia”, “Canal Turismo”). National Televisions: Tele5 (Television), Antena 3. International Televisions: MTV, Public Japanese Television, Latin American Television: "Good morning America" ​​... (See press). Of all this trajectory highlights: Luna Mora Festivals (September 2001 and April 2002), the Concert of the singer "Hakim" (May 6, 2004) and the Christmas Cry of the IDEAL newspaper (December 2004- See video of the performance ), all held at the Isabel la Católica Theater in Granada. In January 2010, she was interviewed by the "Apasiona2" program of Canal Sur 2, for her passion for oriental dance.

Helena Rull was already traveling to Morocco to study Arabic and Moroccan dance. But he wanted to delve into the folklore of the Mashreq countries and their language, so he marched to Jordan. It was the year 1999 and he lived more than two months, in which he met great artists of Jerash and visited the golden land: Palestine (Jerusalem, Jericho) where he made contact with the folk dances of the place, musicians and percussionists of the Jerash Festival. Upon returning to Granada, he performed numerous performances with Andalusian orchestras throughout the south of the peninsula. When acting at the Cultural Week of the EOI of Almeria (March 1999 and March 2001) and organizing an oriental dance workshop there, he discovered his true profession and passion for teaching dance classes, to which from the moment he dedicates a large part of his time. He took advantage of the summers to acquire new knowledge of this millenary dance, and his best knowledge through the study of the culture of the Mashrek and the Maghreb, so he traveled to Tunisia, Syria and Lebanon (where he currently has his second home).




Festival Internacional de Danza Oriental
Festival Internacional de Danza Oriental en Granada
Espectáculo de Danza Oriental de la Escuela de Helena Rull. El 15 de
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Helena Rull en Madrid
El 14 y 15 de Diciembre tenemos el VII Festival de Danza Oriental, do
1 de Marzo, Espectáculo de Danza Oriental de la Escuela de Danza Orie
Festival Internacional de Danza Oriental en Granada
VI Festival Tadamun Festival Solidario de Danza Oriental en Grana
VIII Festival de Danza Garnata
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