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Performed shows  


Performances. Helena Rull has performed more than a thousand performances throughout Spain during 19 years,

here is a brief professional timeline:


  • 1998: Performances in the month of July at the Hotel Minzah in Tangier (Morocco)

  • 2001-2006. Performances in the Hamman of Al-Andalus in Granada.

  • 1999-2003. Oriental Dance Monitor at Gimanasio Neptuno, Granada.

  • Choreographer at the Luna Mora festival at the Isabel la Católica Theater in Granada.

 September 28, 2001.

  • 2001. Oriental Dance Teacher in the culture week of the Official School of Languages of Almería,

September 20-23,  Choreographer at the 2nd Festival de la Luna Mora

at the Isabel La Católica Theater in Granada. April 30, 2002.

  • 2003. Professor at the Studio Spiral in Granada. May,

  • Performance with the Andalusí Orchestra  "Al Tarab". Alboreas, September 12. 

Almeria. 2003, 2004 and 2006.

  • 2004 Choreographer of the Odalisca Group in the Hakim Concert, at the Isabel la Católica Theater, Granada, May 6,

  • 2004. Performances with the Saïda Duo at the "Hotel Palace" for the Savings Bank "La  General ". Granada. Month of November. 

  • 2006. Oriental Dance Show at the Christmas Proclamation at the Isabel la Católica Theater of the Diario Granadino "Ideal". Granada, 2004. Director of the Project "Oriental dance in contemporary Granada", within the SIT program of the School for International Training in Vermot (USA). Grenade.

  • Shows in Carmen de la Victoria,  University of Granada for Solidarity for Development. 2006-2008.

  • 2006-2008: Oriental Dance Monitor at the Granada Wellness Center.

  • Folk Dance Workshops in Beirut, Lebanon. January 2007.

  • 2007: Show and Workshops in Porto, organized by the dancer Vania Cezario.  Portugal. June-2007.

  • 2008. First Andalúz Oriental Dance Festival in Córdoba. Avántis Theater. October, Córdoba.

  • 2008: Performance in Vip Catwalk, Hispanidad 2008. 27-Sep-2008. Sante Fé. Grenade. 

  • 2008: Presentation of the Garnata Oriental Dance Festival. Municipal Theater of Zaidín. With Andalusian dancers and Munique Neith.  November 14, Granada.    

  • 2009:  Oriental Dance Festival with dancer Sadie (USA), Carolina Prior, Hayati Company, Ashira Company, Odalisca Group  and Anandi.   Zaidín Civic Center.  February 7th.

  • 2009.  Helena Rull at the Raks Sharky Night Festival, April 3/2009.  ATARFE (GRANADA).     

  • 2009. Show "Sol y Alegría" at the  III Oriental Dance Festival on the Costa del Sol in Frigiliana. April 24/2009.   

  •   2009,  Celebration  private, Hotel Alhambra Palace. May 1, 2009. Granada

  • 2009 'Tadamun 5 Oriental Dance Festival: Oriental Dance Festival for the benefit of the NGO Solidarios para el Desarrollo.  Place EU Technical Architecture. Time: 8:30 p.m.   15 th of May. 2009, Granada  

  •   June 3 to 14, 2009, SALOBREÑA (GRANADA) - "Dahab Holiday Dance Festival",  International Festival of Oriental Dance.   

  • 2009, 3  of July,  Show of the  Hayati Company, Arjonilla Theater, Jaén.            

  • 2009. July 11: Show  Raks Sharky Night, Audiotorio de Salobreña, Granada.

  • November 7/2009,  Organization of the Garnata 2 Oriental Dance Festival, at the Municipal Theater of Zaidín. With Munique Neith, Edeien Group, Hayati Company.

  • 2009, November: Dance Festival in Chandigarh in India. Guest dancer in various locations in Punjab. INDIA

  • 2010, February 5: National Festival at the Axa Auditorium in Barcelona.    

  • 2010, February 26: Oriental Dance Show at the Helena Rull School, with  the  participation of  Vania Cezário (Portugal). Municipal Theater of Zaidín. Grenade.

  • 2010, February, Oriental Dance Teacher in the Historical Memory of La Caja Granada. Grenade.

  • 2010, April 10. Madrid

  • 2010, April 24,  IV Oriental Dance Festival on the Costa del Sol, Almas Bohemias Show. Organized by Victoria Ivanova.

  • 2010, May, 15 and 16 May, CÁDIZ.  Oriental dance in Cádiz-  Helena Rull at the III Oriental Dance Festival  organized by Naima bakkali.

  • 2010, May, May 11, SEVILLA. Nureen Festival.

  • June 4 and 11, 2010, Great Oriental Dance Festival, with Sadie (USA) as guest artist.    

  • On September 18, 2010,  Helena Rull in Malaga: 

  • December 2010, Helena Rull organizes the IV Garnata Festival

  • May 25, 2012. Helena Rull organizes the V International Festival of Oriental Dance in Granada.

  • October 20, 2012. Helena Rull at the Armilla Theater for Altamid, charity show, organized by Eugenia.

  • December 21, 2012. Helena organizes the VI Garnata Oriental Dance Festival.

  • March 16, 2013. Helena teacher and guest dancer at ArtDrawis, Madrid.

  • March 2014.  Helena Rull guest teacher in Huelva Oriental

  • June 2014.  VII International Festival of Oriental Dance in Granada at the Hotel Corona de Granada

  • 14  December. VIII Garnata Festival with guest dancer Mohamed El Sayed

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