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Oriental dance  to  pregnant

Belly Dance For Pregnants

   Oriental Dance for pregnant women, by Helena Rull, breast teaching pregnant women for more than 10 years ..


   Those of us who are moms and / or are hoping to be one begin to be aware of the changes we are experiencing and the importance of exercise within this stage. Physical activity, after 12 weeks begin to arise in our heads. One of the most recommended practices is oriental dance, as it is an exercise that stimulates the baby, while we also manage to combat symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia, stress, low back pain, heartburn ...

We can also find benefits such as improved circulation, blood pressure and protects against gestational diabetes.


   Benefits of the practice of Oriental Dance:


   Tones the muscles, especially the abdominal, pelvic and lumbar, to avoid muscle overloads due to the change of position of the pelvis and spine due to the presence of the fetus in the abdomen.

It improves the physical and mental well-being of the mother, releasing psychic tensions.

Stimulates blood circulation.Improves respiratory and ventilatory capacity.

It helps correct posture and weight distribution.

After childbirth, it facilitates the body to recover the form. (Heart Foundation)


General recommendations:


-It is recommended to start oriental dance at week 12, always under the authorization of the gynecologist @. Physical exercise is not allowed when the mother will sometimes explain your gynecologist (implantation hematoma, placenta previa ...)

Before starting to dance it is necessary that your gynecologist will do an ultrasound through which you give yourself a free way to dance.

- Our dance is a gentle exercise that we will not exceed the maximum heart rate (we will keep less than 140 beats per minute). We will also do it on a regular basis every week to achieve our goals.

- We will perform a preheating and cooling at the end of the class.


General recommendations:

Wear appropriate clothing

Dance in a suitable environment, dance on suitable surfaces that do not slip (those that reduce the impact of the tread: floating flooring or wooden floors).














Helena Rull, Oriental Dance Teacher for more than 10 years ago gives moms.

Classes consist of smooth undulating steps to the rhythm of choreography.

Stretching and relaxation tables beneficial to you and your baby are included.

Belly dance course
Belly Dance course for pregnants
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