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Belly Dance Classes in  grenade

Belly Dance Classes:
- Beginner Level 
 Tuesday and thursday, 8 pm-9pm (€ 40 / per month)
  Monday  and  Wednesday, 9 pm-10pm (€ 40 7per month)
- Advance Level
  Tuesday and thursday, 9 pm-10pm
Further info:, 00 34 639068217
Our Location:
C / Pedro Antonio de Alarcón, 14, right mezzanine.  grenade

About Helena Rull

Helena  Rull is a renowned teacher and choreographer of Belly dance with National recognition in Andalusia. Since 1994 she has continued to work in the field of teaching Oriental dance, working in different centers throughout southern Spain and northern Morocco. During her early years as a principal dancer, she participated with The Andalusian Orchestra of "Mohamed al Akel” throughout all the villages of Andalusia with Arab heritage, presenting music and dance performances.

   She has subsequently traveled to several Middle Eastern countries (Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, Morocco, Palestine and Egypt) to study Arabic and the culture and folklore, deeply and faithfully transmitting the power of oriental dance. She has mainly traveled to Cairo to take lessons with the great Egyptian dancers Dina and Camelia of Cairo. She combines her profession and studies based on the Anthropology of Oriental Dance and culture.

Belly Dance Classes Granada
Academia de Danza del vientre Granada

   She has been invited to the most important Oriental Dance Festival of Spain (Marbella BellyFussion 2013, International Oriental Dance Festival Cadiz, International Oriental Dance Festival of Neith Munique in Barcelona, Madrid Artdrawis Festival, International Dance Festival of the Costa del Sol) During her career she has done over thousands of performances and presentations. Highlights including a performance for the royal family of Saudi Arabia in Marbella. Her recognition has reached beyond national borders, dancing and giving workshops in Portugal, Tunisia, India, Morocco and Lebanon.

   In October 2012 she was invited as a teacher to the best festival of Middle Eastern dance: Amani's Oriental Festival in Beirut, Lebanon.

   Since 2006 she has been running the only specialized Belly dance school in Granada, where she teaches dance and also provides teacher training courses. She has organized International Festivals I, II, III, IV, V and VI of Oriental Dance, where international dancers participate such as Sadie (USA), Bozenka (USA), Aziza (Canada) And also Oriental Dance Festivals on a Local level   Garnata I, II, II, IV, V, VI.

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